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Victoria Anne Gilpin

Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts

Bachelor Degree in Education


About Me

I live in a small rural village in Eastern Ontario, Canada, at the edge of a river and surrounded by the inspirational energy of nature.

As an intuitive artist, I trust, allow, and know that intuition will guide me through my creative process.
My approach to creating is not to have any preconceived expectations as to the outcome.

I choose not to use references for my artworks. Rather, I respond to the shapes, colours and textures revealed to me, therefore, holding sacred space for whomever needs to show up.

I enjoy this intuitive process as I get to meet the souls (people, trees,) for the first time as they appear to me on the canvas/sculpture.

I refer to myself as an “art medium explorer,” jumping in with both feet to experience new art forms.
Throughout the years, I have worked in different mediums such as glass and tile mosaic, beading, encaustic, clay sculpture (kiin fired and airdry), acrylic/mixed media painting as well as portrait painting on teabags.

I have also written, illustrated and self published two children’s books, and a Divine Feminine Oracle Card Deck.

Recently, I have been working on my “Divine Feminine” series, and have been exploring “Woodland Folk” mythology such as Fauns and other animal people, in both painting and sculpture.

Submerged in nature… the realm of the forest at the river’s edge informs my art, and creative well being.

I am grateful to go where my inspiration leads me. 

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