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My name is Victoria and I would like to share with you, a little about myself.


After many years as an educator in the Ontario education system,


I transitioned to be the sole proprietor of my creative-based business, 


“Victoria Gilpin Art.” 

My home and STUDIO are based in Lyndhurst, Ontario where I have recently designed


and now live in a tiny 265 sq. foot


home with a tiny STUDIO and my little dog "Pickles".

Creative expression feeds my soul and as an artist, my approach is one of trust, allowing, and


belief that my intuition guides my creative process.  

I create intuitive paintings and sculptures that hold healing and grounding energy, just for you.

I am grateful to go where ever my inspiration takes me.

With Gratitude, Victoria Anne Gilpin

39933961_529346377499574_3066404691391807488_o (2).jpg

Victoria Anne Gilpin

Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts

Bachelor Degree in Education


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