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Benjamin's Tree


“I find it a gratifying journey to be both author and illustrator. 

Images begin to form in my mind...colour of time of year, etc.…

As I bring the scenes to life on paper...although the

structure, dictated by the text remains the same, the details shift and evolve.

I love that part because I get to experience my words visually for the first time as revealed to me”.

Victoria Gilpin

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Copyright Victoria Gilpin 2017

All rights reserved

ISBN - 13 978-158593087

Library and Archives Canada

Cataloguing in Publication

Victoria Gilpin

Paperback -- 36 Pages

A look Inside

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This is a story of a boy named Benjamin who loves being in nature and develops a relationship with a very unusual tree.  Each day he would walk to the forest to listen to the birds and smell the fresh air,

Then one time he noticed a rickety old tree that was different than the others and wondered how it became this way. He would sit with the tree each day till a bond began to grow and the tree was able to share his story of how he became so bent and crooked. 

Benjamin’s newly awakened connection with trees, nature and mother earth will be far reaching for years to come.

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