Divine Feminine Oracle Cards.

My Creative Process

As an intuitive artist, I channel divine guidance as images, colours, and textures and allow whomever needs to show up ...to do so.

At the beginning of my process, I have no idea  how the completed painting will look. As the layers build, shadows and shapes appear. I continue to add details until beautiful souls appear through the canvas. 

It is at this point that I meet these feminine energies for the first time. I love this process of allowing and embracing the unexpected.

I am so grateful to share with you my Divine Feminine Oracle Card deck.

Infused with grounding energy and healing messages, the transition from paintings to oracle cards, as it was meant to be...


The Divine Feminine Oracle Card Deck  includes 28 cards ... each card is 5" x 3.5", an interactive guidebook with a glossary of metaphysical terms and comes in an organza bag and packaged for shipping. 

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The 28 Card Interactive Oracle Card Guidebook with Glossary

When I was guided to create my paintings into oracle cards I sat with each image and channeled a message which has been then added to the bottom of each one. 

It then became clear to me that there was so much more spirit had to say through my cards.

In this guidebook, each Oracle Card page has a picture of the painting with my intuitive message written beside. At the bottom half of each page, I hold a sacred space for you to include your intuitive messages.

As you hold each card, you may jot down your own intuitive impressions. Therefore creating a collaborative deck, so to speak, where you can provide a unique spiritual experience at each oracle card reading.


Many times along my spiritual journey, I would come across a term that I did not understand and would need to research its meaning. 

So on that note, I have included at the back of this guidebook a Glossary of Metaphysical Terms … and may I say …. You’re welcome.

On some of the oracle cards you will see a term that is underlined.  This term with the definition will be listed alphabetically in the Glossary section. 

All quotes and information from other sources are appropriately referenced.

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