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Getting Out Of My Own Way!

As an intuitive artist, I have learned to get out of my own way.

So what does that mean exactly?

Well, for me this means I do not use references when creating my artwork, rather I am divinely guided to receive whomever needs to show up. I allow and trust that my intuition will guide me during this creative process.

Acrylic paintings and clay sculptures are the two mediums that I work in. I sometimes sculpt in earthenware clay or air dry clay.

My approach to painting is such that I attack the canvas by applying paint straight from the tube, then spraying water and scaping away excess paint and may repeat this several times till I begin to see shapes and shadows.

I continue listening to my intuition and get out of my own way. Often, I find myself a in very meditative state while I create.

As I paint or sculpt, beautiful souls come through. They hold healing and ground energy and messages for whomever they are meant to be with... they will find one another.

I love this process because I get to meet them for the first time on the canvas or in clay.

With Gratitude,


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