You can almost smell the aroma of the sea with this beautifully hand sculpted and painted glazes vessel.


Love that the organic shape is reminiscence of a seashell. I used several clay building techniques, such as pinching, coils and stamping.


Intuitively hand built with earthenware clay. When dry… went in the kiln for a bisque fire. I decorated with an under glaze then three coats of overglaze and fired again.


This piece is food safe and measures approximately 5.25” round. Due to the organic shape the height is 1.75” to 2.5” holds ¾ cup or liquid.


However, this vessel could hold many kinds of  treasures … crystals, office or art supplies, sage for smudging just to mention a few.


What would you hold in this vessel?


I ship with care so your piece will arrive to you safely. I pack using recycled materials and avoid any plastic products.


I ship anywhere in Canada and USA for a flate rate shipping and handling fee of $18.00 that includes a tracking number.  


Listing price is in Canada funds. Exchange rate for USA orders will be calculated at checkout and will be reflected on your receipt.


With Gratitude,


Seashell with Fish, Hand sculpted clay vessel, organic shape, food safe,

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