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 I would like to share my thanks for your reading. I really appreciated your time and effort in a very good reading. You took your time, so I didn't feel it was rushed to get it over with. You have explained things in detail to me, so I would get what you are saying. I feel like I am on the right path now with you explaining about this other fellow, it should clear up my other thought process. I feel like you are a really nice lady who actually cares about the people you read for and not just giving them some words to read. Thank you for your time and hope you have a great day. Karen, British Columbia, Canada


Thank you for this reading Victoria, it’s meaningful and insightful. It is


bang on as to my approach being very intellectual and thoughtful

rather than emotional.  I really appreciated that you created a four card


spread with sub questions to assist me with digging deeper into my


issue.  Payment was easy and your information, timing and delivery


were as explained.  I also appreciated receiving the full reading in PDF for future reference and reminder.  Kathy, Ontario, Canada

So blessed to know such a magical soul as Victoria Gilpin. Her readings


are truly a beautiful experience and the guidance I've received have


been so accurate for my life. From the time she takes to meditate


before our session to the way she makes it so easy to open up and


share. I'm always left feeling so recharged and empowered towards new life goals. AM, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for sharing your gift and insights with me. I can't believe


how BANG on your reading was! I am so grateful and will recommend your services to all I know. KMB, Ontario, Canada

The reading was 100% spot on. Victoria provided knowledge and


insight to help me move forward with my current life situation.

MB, Ontario, Canada

This was an excellent experience from the visualization meditation at


the beginning of the session all the way through the reading. Very


insightful and knowledgeable.  Grateful for your honesty and objectivity. LV, Ontario, Canada

WOW! Bang on with the reading and I loved how contemplative you


were, with listening to spirit. Loved it and would highly recommend you! Thank you, Deb S., Ontario, Canada