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Tips on How to Ask an Empowering Question.



A few things to consider when compiling a question for your Tarot reading.

For you to get the most out of this experience, I would like to be sure that you are asking the most powerful question possible.

Rather then asking a question that will require just a “yes” or “no” answer, phrasing it as an open-ended question will give much better results!

Open-ended questions invite a deeper reflection that will get you far more interesting insights and open the space for understanding how you can possibly reach your goals.

If you choose, here are a few suggestions of how you might word your question, or you may create something similar.

What might I experience if…?

What can I do to manifest…?

How am I in relationship with…?

What do I need to know about…?


I Look forward to reading for you!

Victoria Gilpin - Your Trusted Tarot Advisor